26. February 2011

Look Alive

I want this in a t-shirt, mug, and office poster.

02. February 2011

Crowd-Sourced Relevancy Ranking in Bing or why Google is wrong

Let me start by saying I'm a Google fanboy and a half. I love that company and use all their products. My life revolves around my Nexus One and it's deep and tight integration with Google's stack which is my extremely large clustered brain-annex that's constantly available with a few taps of my touchscreen.

Google is awesome and great and I love them to death. That said, they are wrong about Bing copying their results.

16. December 2010

Code Snippet: MultiTokenStream for Lucene.Net

Someone asked in the Lucene.Net mailing list about implementing something similar to SOLR's copy-fields.

Here's a basic example of how to do something like that in a Lucene.Net Index.

11. November 2010

Code Snippet: Adding Dispose without IDisposable

The topic of implementing IDisposable within Lucene.Net comes up a lot. While I'm all for it, there are reasons why it hasn't be done yet.

This is an alternative technique that allows using Dispose without implementing IDisposable directly.

02. August 2010

010 Editor: My new favourite tool

010 editor screenshot

During the course of my work, I use a hex editor a lot.

Specifically, I use a hex editor mostly for reverse engineering binary file formats that have no documentation or for fixing corrupted files, and what not. One thing that I've always wanted, was some way to view the binary contents as structured data. Like "Starting at this byte offset, consider the next four bytes to be an integer, and show me that integer, then, using that integer, take that many bytes immediately following it, consider them to be string data, and decode as UTF8 or EBCDIC…" etc.