06. June 2014


I used to spend a lot on booze. Now I spend a lot supporting grass-roots activism. You can too.

For #FridayDonation, give as much to your local cause as you do your local bar.

11. March 2014

My Principle

Bret Victor is one of my favourite thinkers. One of the few people who deserves the oft-chuckled-at title of "thought leader".

In his talk Inventing on Principle, Bret described how he, and many other influential figures, have been guided by a driving principle, unique to the individual, which when applied to a variety of situations, led them to improve and innovate upon the status quo. He advocated that one could find their personal principle, identify with it, and be guided by it.

I think I've found my principle.

09. March 2014

Developer to Documentarian

TL;DR: I'm excited to announce that I am joining Twitter to focus full-time on documentation and open source.

12. December 2013

Where are Docker images stored?

If you're just starting out with Docker, it's super easy to follow the examples, get started and run a few things. However, moving to the next step, making your own Dockerfiles, can be a bit confusing. One of the more common points of confusion seems to be:

Where are my Docker images stored?

- Everyone