10. September 2013

Managing Stress as a Busy Person: The Three S's

There are times when a productive person finds themselves overwhelmed with work. You'll look around and proclaim "there's no end to this" as your sense of priority fails you, switching from task to task without completing any of them. You spend too much time on simple or unimportant things. You get frustrated easily and can feel the blue smoke coming out of your ears, longing to escape the dilemma. It's ultimately unfair that the more capable you are the more work you get thrown at you, while those unproductive fools surrounding you laugh off your fervor, chortling away from their lap of leisure.

Well, there's a simple set of rules to solve this problem. Just like the three R's of waste prevention (reduce, reuse, recycle), there are three S's of the stressed over-producer (or alternatively the three D's):

19. March 2013

Code Snippet: untar.sh

Simple untar script that does the obvious thing and creates a directory named after the tar file, then extracts a tar in that directory. This is a handy to install in user scope to augment tar.