24. May 2012

How We Use Github To Build AppFog

Joining AppFog back in February became my first time working for a company using Github private repositories for source control. My previous gig used Bitbucket and Mercurial, which we migrated to from self-hosted SVN, which we migrated to from SourceGear Vault, which we migrated to from Visual Source Safe.aspx)… etc. That's how things go at a 12-year-old company, I guess.

As a startup, AppFog can start off on the right foot and just use Github from the get-go. Yippee!

20. March 2012

Embarrassingly Cloudable

These days the world is abuzz with talk of cloud computing. Many of the more experienced developers out there chuckle at the term cloud computing. No one seems to know what cloud computing is, exactly, but everyone seems to be talking about it, offering services around it and has a great new idea for how to revolutionize something using it.